Cotto Restaurant has closed

Dear Guests and friends,
It is with great regret and sadness, that we inform you, that Cotto Restaurant will not be reopening in The Gonville Hotel, Cambridge post lockdown.
We feel the current set up of a shared hotel kitchen will not allow for the future legal requirements, ensuring health & safety for everyone.
Therefore Master Chef Hans and his family are currently looking for a new challenge and venue and will keep you informed via the website and social media .

A huge thank you to you all, for your loyalty and generous support throughout the last 13 years, and for all the wonderful messages and emails during the last few months. They have been uplifting to read. We have missed you and can’t wait to cook for you all again.

Thank you, please stay in touch !

black bowl and plate

It is exciting to cook in the UK. The local ingredients – the cheese for example, can compete with that of France. People seem surprised by the variety and quality of the food. But it has always been there for us. It is up to us to create unique, signature dishes that reflect this

Chef Hans Schweitzer


To make a reservation, you can call the restaurant on 01223 302010 or use the form below to make a request. Please note when using the form, your booking is not confirmed until we contact you with a confirmation

We will confirm the date you choose via email.